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Fedex US Customer Service

Service number: 1-800-463-3339

International Customer Service: 1-800-247-4747

Telephone Device for the Deaf: 1-800-238-4461

Hearing Impaired Relay Desk: 1-800-464-0709

U.S. Billing Inquiries: 1-800-622-1147 1-800-548-3020 (Fax)

Cargo Claims Inquiries: 1-800-332-0807

Our website is not affiliated with Fedex US. If you have any question regarding Fedex US, please visit Fedex US or call Fedex US at None.

Please be advised that we just provide a tracking service for Fedex US shippings.

If you have any problems with your shipping, please contact Fedex US by providing them your tracking number, service provider and type of mail (first class, priority, standard mail etc.)